Out of School Hours Care (OSHC)

Our Aim is in developing the child as a whole, to achieve their full potential with a strong sense of identity and well being, to have a range of skills that build confidence, empathy and abilities. Our Holistic approach ensures strong links in partnership between families, the school and local communities with the opportunity for decision making that promotes safety, encourages optimism, happiness and a healthy active life style and an understanding of nutritional values.


All activities and experiences offered are full of SPICE - Social, Physical, Intellectual, Cultural and Ethical.

The programs are child-centered and play-based, with a wide variety of activities for the children to choose from.  The role of staff is to provide the resources and skills training to support the children’s choices.

The are two core values

  • Respect (for self, for others, for equipment and for the play spaces)

  • Responsibility (for self, for others, for equipment, for activities)

What is OSHC?

OSHC is a form of child care for children available to all parents of primary school aged children.  Parents that maybe, studying, working or looking for work or need respite care are eligible to use the program.


  • To provide encouragement for children to grow in all areas of spirituality, language, intellectual, physical and social development in a Christian environment.

  • To respect diversity of families and work in partnership with them to provide optimum care

  • To provide optimum care

  • To provide a safe, happy, comfortable and stimulating inside/outside environment

  • To provide care meeting needs of all families using the service

  • To provide opportunities that promotes self worth as a basis for healthy interpersonal relationships.

  • Foster healthy living through nutrition, exercise, water, sunshine and rest

  • To encourage through all aspects of the program, children’s independence, self esteem and regard for others.

  • To invite and encourage parent participation

Partnership with the Families

Gilson College Outside School Hours Care Program welcomes the input of all parents/guardians and children into programming ideas. A Parent Sub-Committee is available to any parents wishing to join.

Involvement of families in the Sub-Committee is essential in ensuring that the service receives feedback on its operation and that it is always responsive to diverse needs of the community.

Vacation Care Programs

Term Programs

Hours of Operation

Before School Care

6.45 am – 8.45am weekdays during school terms

After School Care

3.15 – 6.15pm weekdays during school terms

Vacation Program

6.45am – 6.15pm

Prep Free Wednesday

6.45am - 6.15pm each Wednesday of term 1 only.

Pupil Free Days (Term 1 only)

No OSHC Program running


We are located in the Gymnasium building – located at the very end of the straight road on the entrance drive.

Phone number:

Direct line is: 9365 9341
Emergency only: 0404 624 061

Breakfast Club

Children welcome to join us for a healthy breakfast from 7.00 – 8.15am
Breakfast Club Closes at 8.15am for staff to continue on with activities

Priority of Access Guidelines

Gilson College OSHC uses government priority of access guidelines to determine priority in allocating places. (See Gilson College OSHC Program Policy).

Fee Structure

A registration fee of $10.00 is charged to families on an annual basis.
Permanent Care – Regular specified day/s throughout the year
Casual Care – Care used on a daily basis

Before School Care Program

Permanent: $13.00 per child per session
Casual Booking Fee: $15.00 per child per session

After School Care Program

Permanent: $17.00 per child per session
Casual Booking Fee: $19.00 per child per session
Late Pick Up Fee 3.45 - before 4 pm: $9.00 per child (non registered families)

Vacation Care Program

Permanent: $50.00 per child per session
Casual Booking Fee: $55.00 per child per session
Excursions: $ 25.00 unless otherwise notified.
Incursion Costs: $20.00 unless otherwise notified
Lunch fee: $5.00 per child

Prep Free Wednesdays

Permanent: $50.00 per child per session
Casual Booking Fee: $55.00 per child per session
Lunch fee: $5.00 per child

Late fee:

$ 10.00 first 5 minutes then $1.00 per minute for each child

Late Cancellation ASC & BSC:

$ -1.00 (given on notification of non attendance)

Late Cancellation VAC & PREP FREE:

$ -5.00 (given on notification of non attendance)


Study Centre

The College operates a study centre which is located in the College Library. From Monday to Thursday and starting at 3:30pm and finishing at 5:00pm this program allows secondary students to have a place where they can study in a quiet environment with access to study resources.  Some parents who are unable to collect their son or daughter before the supervision duty is finished have them in the study centre. There may also be times when a student will be in the study centre at the direction of the teacher because they have failed to complete their homework. The librarian is on duty as well as one secondary teacher who is rostered on for the afternoon to assist students who may have challenges with homework.


Download OSHC documents: