Out of School Hours Care

What is OSHC?

OSHC is a form of child care for children available to all parents of primary school aged children.  Parents that maybe, studying, working or looking for work or need respite care are eligible to use the program.


• To provide encouragement for children to grow in all areas of spirituality, language, intellectual, physical and social development in a Christian environment.

• To respect diversity of families and work in partnership with them to provide optimum care

• To provide optimum care

• To provide a safe, happy, comfortable and stimulating inside/outside environment

• To provide care meeting needs of all families using the service

• To provide opportunities that promotes self worth as a basis for healthy interpersonal relationships.

• Foster healthy living through nutrition, exercise, water, sunshine and rest

• To encourage through all aspects of the program, children’s independence, self esteem and regard for others.

• To invite and encourage parent participation



Please contact the College Office on 03 9717 7300, for information on for bookings, costs and times.