Mernda Campus FAQs

Q. Where is the campus located?

A. 370 Bridge Inn Rd Mernda VIC 3754.

Q. In 2016 what years will the campus service?

A. Prep to Year Nine.

Q. How many students are there in each class?

A. Usually there are 25 students in a class.

Q. What are your expansion plans/targets for the school and over how many years?

A. The plan is for the Year 7 cohort to work their way through to VCE studies in 2019.

Q. What will be the fee, uniform and cost structure?

A. The Gilson College - Mernda campus fee structure will be very similar to the schedule used by the former Acacia College. There will be no increase from 2012 levels. Uniforms cost around $600 to outfit a primary student and about $800 for a secondary student.

Q. Is there any additional help in the classroom?

A. Yes, in Foundation (Prep) there is a full-time teacher’s aide for each class. At all year levels in the primary there are aides assisting children. The amount of hours decreases as one progresses up through the year levels.

Q. Do you enroll children from outside the area?

A. Our primary focus is on offering a quality Christian education to the residents of the Whittlsea Shire, but we do enroll students from other areas.

Q. Is the College for Adventist children only?

A. No. We have students from a range of denominations. We also have many families who simply want to have strong Christian values at school to reinforce the values that their home upholds.

Q. Do we have to be attending church to apply?

A. No.

Q. Do you offer family discounts for larger families?

A. Yes. Refer to the fees schedule page on the website.

Q. What curriculum and programs will be offered?

A. The College is well advanced in its planning for the new Australian Curriculum and will be following this as it becomes available. For further information refer the Curriculum page on this website.

Q. How can I get all of my children in at once?

A. Once a child in a family has a place, the siblings are given priority on the waiting list. It then depends on how quickly places become available for siblings.

Q. How can I improve my place on the waiting list?

A. The simple answer is that you can’t. However we do give priority to the siblings of current families.

Q. What Language Other Than English (LOTE) will be provided?

A. French is the LOTE for all students from Foundation – Year 8.  In Years 9-12 students are not required to have a LOTE subject, however students can elect to continue with French or to choose another language subject.

Q. Can I study a language other than French?

A. Yes. The option to study other languages by correspondence is offered through the Distance Education Centre of Victoria (DECV).

Q. Does the College have an Early Learning Centre?

A. Not yet, but one is planned for in future years.

Q. Is there a gymnasium on the campus?

A. Not yet.

Q. How is the Christian ethos incorporated into the curriculum?

A. Teachers endeavor to incorporate Biblical truths and Christian values across the curriculum. Biblical Studies are introduced into the curriculum from Prep all the way through to the secondary program. For further information refer to the Curriculum page on this website.

Q. Is there before school and after school care provided?

A. Yes. Please refer to the OSHC page on this website.

Q. How do I pay the College fees?

A. On time. However in answer to your question - the College offers a variety of arrangements for paying fees. Many families choose EFTPOS or Direct Debit payments, but other options are available.

Q. Are there any further costs other than fees?

A. The fees include a Student Development Levy and a Computer Replacement Levy. In addition to the fees there is a Text Hire levy (Secondary) and a Book Levy (Primary), which includes stationery.

Q. Is there a College chaplain?

A. Yes.

Q. Are we able to have a conducted tour of the College?

A. Yes. This is a standard part of our information evenings. Refer to the Admissions page on this website.

Q. Do all students take part in the Religious Education Program?

A. Yes.

Q. Is there an inter-school sports program?

A. Yes. The College is a member of the School Sports Victoria,  and we also have sports days with our sister schools (Seventh-day Adventist) in Melbourne.

Q. Is there a camping program?

A. Yes. Our Year 5s spend 3 days and two nights at Sovereign Hill. Our Year 6 students travel to Canberra for a week exploring the nation’s capital. Year 7s go to have a camp early in the year as do Year 8s and Year 9s also.

Q. Is there a school based bus system and if so, what are the fees?

A. Not yet.

Q. Are all the teachers from one specific Christian religion?

A. Most full time teachers are members of the Seventh-day Adventist church however some staff are from other Christian denominations.

Q. Is there a scholarship program available?

A. Yes. Please refer to the Scholarships page on this website.