It's worth a thought

A gardener or farmer I am not.  Now don’t get me wrong - I like gardens and I like farms.  I enjoy walking through them.  I appreciate their beauty, however the process involved constantly amazes me. You dig a hole, bury a seed, give it some water and then wait.

What happens next is truly incredible.  A tiny little seed is capable of shifting the huge weight of the soil that is covering it.

Peace grows in the same way as crops.

Let me illustrate with Heinz’ story.  It is 1934 in Europe and Hitler is gaining power rapidly.  The little Bavarian village of Fürth where Heinz lived is being overrun by Hitler’s young thugs.  Heinz’ father has lost his job as a school teacher.  No one plays outside any more.  The tension can be felt on the streets.

Hitler youth roam the suburbs looking for ‘excitement’ and young Heinz learns to keep his eyes open and avoid trouble.  Many times he would have to cross the street to escape a fight.

One day in 1934 a mob of troublemakers cornered Heinz and it seemed that a beating would quickly follow.  However he walked away unharmed not because of what he did, but because of what he said.  He managed to convince his tormenters that a fight did not have to happen.  Heinz experienced how important the tongue can be in making peace.  For a young Jew living in a time and place that was infected by Hitler’s philosophies, Heinz had many opportunities to practice the skill of avoiding conflict.

Eventually Heinz’ family escaped to the United States and grew up to be one of this century’s most prominent peace negotiators. Although Heinz tended to dismiss his early experiences, there is no doubt that the streets of Bavaria were a great training ground, for developing his ability to use words of peace. Heinz is better known by his Anglicised name – Henry Kissinger.

Want to see a miracle. Plant a seed of peace.

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.  Matt 5:9.




It’s worth a thought.

Mark B Vodéll