The process of enrolment into Gilson College is one that will require a prospective student to meet selection criteria. All applications will go before an enrolments committee where the suitability and / or readiness of the prospective student will be assessed and a written response will be forwarded to the family.

The standard process involves applying 1-2 years before the preferred entry time. The major intake years for entry to Gilson College are as follows:

  • Foundation (formerly Prep)

  • Year 7

Most applications for these year levels are offered in the May of the year preceding enrolment.  Applications for entry at other year levels are welcome, however admission is subject to casual vacancies being available, as well as meeting the standard criteria for acceptance.

The College runs two information evenings per year one in March and the other in August. Please phone to obtain the specific dates for the next session.

Application for Admission

An information pack which contains an Enrolment Application (or Download the form here) is available and can be posted to you for your further consideration by contacting the College (03) 9365 9365 or by e-mail

If you are interested in securing a place at Gilson College the following process is the usual one that is followed: Ring for an information pack. Generally you will receive your information pack within 2-3 days. If after reading and considering the information you wish to proceed, phone for the College and book an appointment with the Principal. At the time of the interview, both parents and the child seeking a place need to be present. The following items should be brought to the interview:

  • a completed application form,

  • a copy of the birth certificate,

  • copy of the latest reports,

  • council immunisation certificate (primary only).

All applications will then be assessed by the Admissions Committee. All applications will receive a written response detailing the decision of the Committee.

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The diagram below illustrates the process in visual form.