VCE Results

At Gilson College we aspire to gain the best possible results for all our students.  While some secondary schools have a strict academic entrance criteria that only accepts students who are already doing well, Gilson College accepts students who have a range of abilities. Many of our students do extremely well academically even though some students require extra assistance. We work hard on providing an environment where all students can have the opportunity to do their best.

While this approach may give a lower ranking on a simplistic 'league table' this is less relevant as it does not measure the quality of teaching nor the extent of the 'value adding' that occurs throughout the years of a student's education.

Although 'value add' data requires a good deal more analysis than a 'league table' we are pleased to report that our results are bringing positive outcomes to a complete range of students - from those who require additional support to the very gifted.

The College is successful because of the following factors:

  • Smaller VCE classes

  • An extensive VCE subject range suitable for most university courses

  • Compulsory study periods

  • Compulsory  school attendance

  • A significant  extra‐academic focus

and caring, Christian teachers who engage in quality professional development and reflection.